Nobody ever became good at riding horses by talking about horses.
— Lao Tzu

2019 Schedule

Winter: January 6 - March 29
Spring: April 7 - June 29
SumMer: July 7 - August 2
Fall: September 8 - November 29
Early Winter: December 1 - December 27

(*Schedule subject to slight modification depending on summer China training & travel schedule. Number of training weeks will be the same.)

12 Week Winter Session Registration

Unlimited - $395
1x Week - $295
8 class card - $200
Drop-in $25

12 Week Session Tuition
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New Student Survey Pass
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$90 for one month of unlimited classes
$150 with a friend

Beginner's Survey Pass

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

50 minutes in Studio: $110
50 minutes in Home: $150
30 minutes in Studio: $65
30 minutes in Home n/a

Private Lessons

Distance Learning & Corrections

Distance Lessons

Or register by phone (1-206-789-0993) with card or
mail-in registration form

Additional Information:

  • Payment Options: PayPal online, charge cards on site, check to: Embrace The Moon or cash.

  • Class fees are payable on or before your first class. All session fees are non-refundable and must be used in the session purchased. No exceptions.

  • Pre-registration is highly recommended. If you prefer to pay monthly, speak with Kim for arrangements.

  • When you sign up for a class, you may come to any of the classes of that type and level during the session, depending on your schedule. For example, you can come to 2 or 3 classes one week and then be gone for 2 weeks.

  • Come to class clean with attention to your overall dress & personal hygiene. Be fragrance & smoke free, including your clothing. No altering substances of any type allowed under any circumstances. Soft soled, non-skid shoes, bare or stocking feet. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. A light meal & good hydration before is advised. Let your instructor know of any health or fitness concerns.

Frequently asked Questions